About Us

    I started out looking for a way to be more environmentally responsible.  I became involved in an environmental group in Dearborn, in 2010.  I became more aware of the many issues that involve more than clean air or clean water.  The environment is influenced by agriculture.  It is influenced, in a good way, when crops are grown with regenerative organic methods.  That means that the crops are grown in living soil with no chemical pesticides or genetically modified seeds.  Vegan diets are also good for the environment.  There are fewer resources used, like water.  Most animals are raised on feed that is corn and soy, which are both genetically modified.

   I had the opportunity to join a group of food entrepreneurs, in 2014.  I thought that I could make my vegan mac ‘n’ cheeze into a commercial product, to sell.  I had brought it to my environmental club meetings when we had potlucks.  People at the potluck liked it!  I set out to find appropriate packaging and labels.  I tweaked the recipe to make it saucier and shelf stable.

  I am producing it at a commercial kitchen in Southwest Detroit.  It is a frozen ready to eat entree, in a nine ounce container that is microwavable and ovenable.  Veggie Mac is made from organic cashew butter and organic vegetables, including butternut squash.  The creamy sauce is then mixed with brown rice with golden milled flaxseed elbow noodles for a delicious vegan and organic mac ‘n’ cheeze.

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Business phone –  (313) 757-6834

Mary Ann Baier